After Verification first of all please read our PayPal Account using rules

Now you can use your PayPal account without limits , but you need to keeps a few things in mind. I will list them one by one.
Don’t use any proxy to open your PayPal account. Use your regular internet connection , that you used to register the PayPal account.
Some people might argue that , PayPal don’t operate in Pakistan and they will limit  if opened from Pakistani IP.
Well my reply to that is , PayPal can’t do that , they use to operate globally. what if i live in UAE and travel to Pakistan and try to access  my A/c? Should they block my A/c? why, because I traveled to Pakistan? Well.. this is not going to make in any sense. All have have to do is don’t use any proxy , use your regular connection , Clear your cookies before you open your account.
When paying money , ensure that the receiver is trusted. Believe me you might limit your verified account if you deal with with a scammer. How? i am not going to explain that. lets move further…. don’t open a claim …… never. Yeah , if you open a claim , his  staff may check your a/c  personally and may limit your a/c and ask for additional identity verification.
Some of you may ask here what is that “Claim”? , claim is some thing that P.P offers to protect its buyers from scam.
If you don’t receive the goods after you have paid , you can claim for the refund of the money. They will open a case for you to get your money back , that’s called Claim.
And the most important thing………. Don’t accept payment from untrusted source. If a scammer sends you a payment from a hacked a/c , its most likely that you are going to get limited for 180 Days.

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